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Will Technology Save Public Education? Answering Dr. Jim Taylor

I read Dr. Jim Taylor’s editorial in the Huffington Post this morning, entitled Will Technology Save Public Education? | Dr. Jim Taylor. For whatever reason, I couldn’t post a comment on the Huffington Post site, so here it is: The problems of the disadvantaged are too deep to be addressed only in the public schools. But […]

Teachers and Textbooks, Kindle Paperwhite, #edtech Pinterest Boards

Dear Readers and Teachers, Thanks for stopping by. I’d like to recommend the following posts for parents and educators. Please let me know which one you like the best. Thanks! Bringing Your Textbook to Life! 15+ Tips & Resources : Teacher Reboot Camp Shelly Terrell’s (@ShellTerrell) post has some great ideas to make textbooks more […]

How to Turn Your Son into a Reader

“How can I get my son to read?  Anything.  Anything would be better than nothing at all.” This question comes up over and over in conversations between teachers and the parents of boys, beginning in elementary school and growing in stridency as boys reach middle school and get the label “reluctant readers”. Number One Rule:  […]

Having Trouble with Your e-book?

Rick Riordan’s tweet (@camphalfblood) on Monday (6/27) amused me so much that I had to pass on the link to the video he referenced.  The market for e-book readers and tablets is red hot; however, even some members of my own family are loath to give up the smell of ink and musty bindings, the […]