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Educational Uses for Book Trailers

Educators use book trailers for two main reasons:
1) To create student interest in books by using an engaging method of presentation.
2) To enhance student comprehension and retention by creating their own book trailers about the books they read.

An Overview of Interactive Whiteboard Choices for Home School and Classroom

The SMART Board was by far my favorite tool in my Reading/ESL classroom. However, two downsides to the SMART Board (or similar products) are portability and expense. I wanted to find smaller, more portable, solutions that are less expensive.

Using Storify For Book Talks (and other things)

Last week, I promised a teacher friend (Hey, Robin!) that I would write about using Storify for book talks.  It might be possible for students to create their own book talks at home where they have access to all the social media outlets; however, I think it would be difficult to do at most schools […]