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GEMSS and Knewton, Genetic Education and SAT Prep

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The Genetic Education Materials for School Success is a website you will want to bookmark if you are a teacher or a parent of children with a genetic disorder. Down Syndrome, MCAD, Fagile X, PKU, Sickle Cell Disease, VLCAD, Williams Syndrome are among the disorders covered. The site is specifically designed “…to promote awareness of and education about genetic conditions.” Subjects that are covered for each disorder are: Dietary/Medical Needs, Educational Supports, Behavior and Sensory Support, Physical Activity, School  Absences and Fatigue, Emergency Planning, and Resources.

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Knewton SAT Test Prep @Knewton is an online program offering a guarantee of increasing your student’s SAT score by at least 150 points. If your student has not taken the PSAT or the SAT, don’t worry, all he or she must do is take a preliminary exam online before accessing the course. The regular price is $200.

Has anyone used GEMSS or Knewton? Please share your experiences.

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