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Meet Tom Blubaugh

Getting Back to His Roots

Tom Blubaugh has been a writer his entire life, but now he’s a fiction writer. Tom’s novel, Night of the Cossack, provides a fascinating glimpse into a little-known piece of history. His book is a direct result of his research to discover more about his grandfather. Truth is often stranger than fiction, and Tom’s search led him to write a fantastic adventure and coming-of-age story suitable for teens and up.

Getting to Know Tom Blubaugh

How would you describe Night of the Cossack to someone who has not read any of your previous novels?
It is a non-stop, page turning, historical fiction action and adventure about a grandfather I never met. I was always fascinated by the fact that he was a Jew and a Russian Cossack soldier in the early 1900’s. The history research took five years because there was so much going on during that time. Think Doctor Zhivago.

What theme do you want your readers to consider?
The deeper I dived into the research, the more amazed I became. The people who built our great country came from tremendous persecution–religious, nationality, gender, political–and invested everything they had to gain freedom. We Americans take so much for granted. We are, by and large, very materialistic and status driven. We’ve lost so much of hwat these pioneers brought to this country. What legacy are we passing on to our children and grandchildren?

Which part of researching Night of the Cossack was the most personally interesting?
Both of my grandfathers died before I was born. I know very little about my ancestors. My maternal grandparents spoke seven languages fluently. They wanted their children to be Americans, so, when they spoke of the old country, they spoke in languages their children couldn’t understand. They didn’t realize they were depriving me and my heirs of our heritage. As I researched the history for my novel, I began to realize, although the characters were mainly fictional, I was creating a heritage and legacy for those who are following me.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?
I enjoyed getting to know my grandfather. Even though he is 95% fiction, writing this story gave me a sense of closure.


Tom Blubaugh is married to Barbara Holmes. THey have six children and fourteen grandchildren. He spent his childhood in a small town in southeast KS.

Tom began writing poetry at age fourteen. He has written nonfiction most of his adult life. Tom self-published Behind the Scenes of the Bus Ministry (1974); has written articles for denominational and business magazines(1975 – 1995); co-wrote The Great Adventure under contract for Barbour Publishing Com. (2009); wrote his first fiction, Night of the Cossack–published by Bound by Faith Publishers (2011); and is a guest writer in several books. He has been a public speaker for 40 years.

Tom was a self-employed financial planner (1973 – 1995). He is the past president and a past board of directors’ member of Jericho Commission, Inc.; is the chaplain of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 952, in Springfield, MO; and is the manager/moderator of the Google+ Christian Author’s Community. Tome ministers to the homeless and addicts through his life experiences and blog articles from his ministry website, The Genesis Project. He is a Literary Strategist helping authors develop their own distinct strategy that will help them get their books into the hands of readers.

Passage from Night of the Cossack, Chapter 1

“The house and barn look to be all right,” he whispered to his mother. “Aza is safe. I won’t be gone long.”

Before she could protest, he pushed open the door and stepped into the yard. He let the door go just as Momma cried, “No, Nathan!”

He crossed the yard in a crouch, the rifle gripped tightly in his hands. The wind pushed at him with angry fingers. The back door was shut. This is good. Perhaps no one has gone inside.

He slipped into the house, pulled the door closed, and stood still listening for any sounds. There were none except from the outside. The smell of smoke was strong. The blaze of fires lit the room with an odd glow. Through a window, he could see the village. A strange peace filled the house in contrast to the nightmare outside.

Nathan checked each room. Clear. He ran up the stairs. Satisfied everything was in place he returned to the kitchen. He took one last look around and stepped out the door.

As he turned to shut the door, his rifle was jerked from his hand. He froze, his heart pounding, his breath suspended. He felt a pistol jab into his back.

“Well, well. Who do we have here?” asked a deep, raspy voice. “Put your hands behind your head and turn around slowly.”

Nathan obeyed. As he turned, he gazed into the piercing eyes of a Cossack soldier.

image0003Tom Blubaugh, author of Night of the Cossack, never knew his grandfather. Years later, he asked family members about his grandfather and they all agreed on four facts. Mr. Blubaugh wrote this riveting tale based on these four facts!

Night of the Cosssack is a very exciting adventure set in Russia and Europe during the early 1900’s. The first chapter ends on a cliffhanger and the journey is just beginning! Join the main character, Nathan Hertzfield,, on his suspenseful adventure. The author does a great job drawing you into the character right from the start.

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About the Author

As a middle school Reading and ESL teacher in Texas, I have fallen in love with books written for teens and young adults. My favorite books are "coming of age" stories about young people on the difficult road of self-discovery.

As a mother of four and a Christian woman, my concern is to know what is available to my own children and to my students because only the best will do for all my kids.

I am interested in providing a resource to help others make informed decisions. Teachers and parents want to know the facts so that they can intelligently discuss teen and YA books with their students and children. Teens want the facts to help them choose what they read from the bookstore and library.

Please join me in sticking to the facts. People are entitled to their opinions, but the goal of this blog is to provide a forum for the exchange of information. This is not a book review site in the usual sense; opinions about a book will take second place to facts about content.

So, welcome! Your suggestions and comments are valuable. Your knowledge, together with the knowledge of others, is priceless. Let's share what we know and create something incredible.


  1. Hathrese,

    Thank you so much for this interview. You do an excellent job of informing your readers about me and my writing.

    God’s richest blessings,

    Tom Blubaugh
    Literary Strategist
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