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It’s Complicated by Laura L. Smith

Book Overview: It’s Complicated is the first book in the Status Updates which follows the story of Claire, Hannah, Palmer, and Kat, new freshman college roommates. The four friends learn to pull together as they navigate through life changing circumstances. Positive Content: Ms. Smith deftly portrays four very different girls, as they tell their stories–both […]

Glass Girl by Laura A. Kurk (2013 edition)

Book Overview: Glass Girl (2013 edition) is the story of Meg and Henry–the first part of their story. Meg is the new girl in town, but she’s keeping a secret–her big brother died in a violent encounter that shattered her family.  Henry longs to comfort the grief he can sense in Meg, and as they draw […]

Using Evernote for Education

If you are looking for a “cloud storage” tool for your student (or yourself), then look no further than Evernote. There’s a small learning curve to get the maximum benefit from its extraordinary abilities, so you’ll need to invest some time to learn more about the tool. In the short time I’ve been using Evernote, […]