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Will Technology Save Public Education? Answering Dr. Jim Taylor

I read Dr. Jim Taylor’s editorial in the Huffington Post this morning, entitled Will Technology Save Public Education? | Dr. Jim Taylor. For whatever reason, I couldn’t post a comment on the Huffington Post site, so here it is: The problems of the disadvantaged are too deep to be addressed only in the public schools. But […]

Three Fun Reflections on the English Language

I’ve been trying, with limited success, to participate in Nanowrimo this month.  My extracurricular activity has really cut into my blogging time, but since I write in English (the American version), I want to pay tribute to the weirdest, most difficult language on Earth by sharing some great links.  Teachers, especially those who teach English […]

Are There Only 50 Basic Book Covers for YA Fiction?

You’ve done it again.  You spot Jack, the guy who used to live in the apartment two doors down from yours.  Same build, same clothes, same premature bald spot. “Jack!  Nothing’s been the same since you left!” Jack turns around to find out who’s speaking, but he’s not Jack.  He’s a stranger who only resembles […]