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Homeschool or Not, Tools for Your Student

I’ve chosen two topics today that may interest parents who want to boost their child’s technology skills. Education Technology Conference, Tech Toys for Teachers The post, Education Technology Conference Shows Off New Tech Toys for Teachers, written by Ida Szkovsky @IdaZL  for StateImpact Ohio, highlights a handful of new tools for teachers. A few, like the Lego windmill ($99.95) and the Lego […]

GEMSS and Knewton, Genetic Education and SAT Prep

The Genetic Education Materials for School Success is a website you will want to bookmark if you are a teacher or a parent of children with a genetic disorder. Down Syndrome, MCAD, Fagile X, PKU, Sickle Cell Disease, VLCAD, Williams Syndrome are among the disorders covered. The site is specifically designed “…to promote awareness of and education about […]