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The Book Report Format

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Typical book blogs review published titles; this blog focuses on facts.

The first post for this YA and Teen Fiction book blog was published in June.  I can’t believe it’s taken so long to see some results for all that work!  This summer, I experimented off-line with the format that book “reports” would take; I consulted with friends, writers, and teachers to hone the type of content to be included.

The outcome is a usable, fact-filled report for each title that is included on the blog.  Typical book blogs review published titles; this blog focuses on facts.  This is the reason it includes spoilers as a matter of course.

Each report begins with a Book Overview containing a regular summary that doesn’t include spoilers.  Next, there is a paragraph or listing of Positive Content – things the reporter wants to commend. Unless otherwise indicated, this section does not include spoilers.

After that comes the majority of the book report, the Content to Consider (Spoilers) section, which includes the following subsections:

  • Violence
  • Crude, Vulgar, or Profane Language
  • Sexual Content
  • Drugs/Alcohol
  • Negative Content

At the conclusion of each report is a section called My Personal Opinions, where the reporter may share her opinions regarding the book.

Also included in every report is an Amazon link.  Yes, the reader may purchase the book by clicking through; however, this is not the intent of providing the link. Rather, the Amazon link is a ready source of reviews written by other readers.  If the author has a blog or website at the time the report is written, a link is provided (see the Author’s name) at the top of the report next to the book cover picture.  Helpful information is included here, including: ISBN, pages, publisher, publishing date, and Lexile.

This blog is not opinion free, but every effort will be made to be respectful, even if some comments will be critical and negative.

Please note:  This blog is not opinion free, but every effort will be made to be respectful, even if some comments will be critical and negative.  Authors are invited to respond to reports on their work.  Readers are invited to share their ideas; however, respectfulness is the key to having comments published to the public.  See the Rules if you have any questions.

As of today, four book reports have been published:

All four books feature strong, female leads and two of them are “vampire” books.  We will try to mix in some books featuring male main characters in the very near future.  Be assured that we will try to mix up titles that represent paranormal and fantasy fiction, adventure and romance tales,  and modern and historical stories.  Also, you may notice that only one or two books from a series get a report.  This is so that more authors’ works can be represented sooner.  Naturally, newer books will take precedence; however, as with The Blue Sword, older books will be included every once in a while.

On a roller coaster, the hardest work is the uphill climb that comes before the first, heart-stopping plunge, and after that, comes the real fun.  The same can be said for most blogs.  The hardest work is done behind the scenes, but the fun comes when the sharing begins.  So, let’s share!    Send article as PDF   
About the Author

As a middle school Reading and ESL teacher in Texas, I have fallen in love with books written for teens and young adults. My favorite books are "coming of age" stories about young people on the difficult road of self-discovery.

As a mother of four and a Christian woman, my concern is to know what is available to my own children and to my students because only the best will do for all my kids.

I am interested in providing a resource to help others make informed decisions. Teachers and parents want to know the facts so that they can intelligently discuss teen and YA books with their students and children. Teens want the facts to help them choose what they read from the bookstore and library.

Please join me in sticking to the facts. People are entitled to their opinions, but the goal of this blog is to provide a forum for the exchange of information. This is not a book review site in the usual sense; opinions about a book will take second place to facts about content.

So, welcome! Your suggestions and comments are valuable. Your knowledge, together with the knowledge of others, is priceless. Let's share what we know and create something incredible.

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